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MEET TIFFANY... and the Flickering Wickhead story.

People love candles.


I didn't understand why people would go crazy over the mass-produced store candles that didn't burn properly. I realized I could make a much better product that was safer to use. After countless hours of research, I realized there is a lot more to it. I picked my wax (soy blend at the time), studied it, learned everything about it. Then the same for the fragrances and wicks. I then spent countless hours on testing each and every combination, temperature, fragrance load, wick size, vessels, etc. until I got it right. 

Candles were everywhere. Sticky notes- everywhere.* I felt like a mad scientist. 

I then started kickboxing and also got busy with my FT job and stepped away for a while. I was working 40-80 hours a week and didn't have time for everything. 

I stopped kickboxing, stopped working overtime, and decided I needed to officially bring back Flickering Wickheads and make it a legit company. Something I could focus on that could offer more high-quality products than those in retail stores. 

The name: I started at craft fairs as "Bitchin' Candles". After a few funny looks at a local church craft fair, I then also used "Bleepin' Candles" at some locations. That wasn't a favorite either. Not many people understood what I was going for. I still wanted a name as close to sounding like a swear word because... why not? "Flickering Wickheads" was born in Feb 2018 (LLC formed in December 2021). The name also explains my main product- skull candles as awesomely illustrated in my logo created by Gary Dolan.

*Do not put sticky notes, or other flammable materials, near burning candles.